Azalëa brand

As a mother of two girls, I wanted to create a collection for girls that is both nice but also sustainable for the environment and for the children. I strongly believe that fashion should take a real approach to durability and natural fabrics. After a long search, I found a fabric company in the US that creates creative and beautiful prints on organic cotton. All our packaging is made of recycled paper and our clothing labels are made of recycled polyester. The hang tags on the garments come from FSC paper. It is not only the sustainability of the environment we have been involved in, but also the social responsibility that comes with making the clothes. Who are the manufacturers? What are the working conditions like? What does it look like inside the textile factory? Etc.

After careful research, we chose our partner in Northern Macedonia, where all employees have pensions, health and accident insurance and have female employees paid during their parental leave.

Another thing we at Azalëa are proud of is that 1% of all proceeds go in full to two organizations located in Greece for the purpose of helping refugees. See more at @ eva2helpinghands and @salamaldeen for more info on what they do.

Since the vision for the Azalëa Girls is to be of the highest quality, we have chosen some fabrics from European countries such as France and Italy, not just the USA. With our Payakalo shirt suit from France, we encourage girls to draw on their own shirt dress in order to create their own creation that they can be proud of.

We have also added subtle Italian fabrics with beautiful prints of silk and viscose, which Italian fabric designers are known for. They are like wearing a piece of art.

Azalëa Prime Homewear is a team that supports other artists, promotes sustainability, ethical and social relations and we are on our way to SLOW FASHION. Read more about SLOW FASHION under Azalëa Magazine, September 2020.

Berivan, Founder of Azalëa Prime Homewear