Azalëa Prime Homewears Monthly Newsletter

Slow Fashion- why Azalëa as a brand works with slow fashion.

In our current society clothing is extremely exchangeable at a rapid pace, this is because of the Fast Fashion industry we have today.

At Azalëa our vision has from the beginning being to sell our collections season wise and not chase after years and fast fashion. We do not want to be a part of the common fashion industry and how it looks like today.

Of course, we do follow trends, but our customers should be able to buy whatever they want and whenever they wish.

Transparency is crucial to achieve a more sustainable future with our customers and partners. We do not have high margins since we believe in the social responsibility and the eco-system. Azalëa believes in slow fashion, good quality for girls to be inherited from generation to generation and remove the throwing society we have today. We hope that you will embrace our concept of Fashion production.

I strongly believe that Fashion should make a serious step towards Organic and Sustainability.

Azalëa believes in sustainable, ethical and slow production so that we start making a difference and make a change in this highly-polluting and strongly fast consumer -oriented fashion industry.

Love Berivan