Azalëa Prime Wears Monthly Newsletter

Azalëa donating to charities

By Founder and CEO Berivan Özcan

Even before I started my company, I have personally followed Eva at 2Helpinghands and their journey helping refugees fleeing war to pursue a life in Europe. Evas journey started when the big war-crisis happened in 2013. I started donating to the charity also around that time when seeing Alan Kurdis body on the beach shore. I really admire Eva and her team with everything they have done and are still doing.

When starting my company in the beginning of 2020 I decided that 1% of all income to the company would go straight to her charity and also to Salam Aldeens charity, Team Humanity who are also currently based in Greece taking care of refugees who flee in boats. I strongly believe if you do good to others it will come back to you in unexpected ways. When giving and helping others you are also helping yourself, because at the end of the day we are all equal beings.

Love Berivan

Founder of Azalëa Prime Wear