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Hapsa Khan- who was she?

Hapsa Khan was a Kurdish woman who was driven, optimistic, hopeful, feminist and proud woman who lived between 1891-1953.
At that time in Kurdistan (like the rest of the world)it was a man’s world. Only boys were
allowed to go to school and the girls stayed at home and took care of the housework together with their mothers.

So what did Hapsa Khan do - she played a big role in the first girls' school in Silêmani where she went from one home to another in order to collect signatures and persuade the family to send their daughters to school, which she eventually succeeded in doing.

This demonstrates never giving up on your dream and only being focused on your goal one step at a time. One of the reasons I chose to start Azalëa is to show my daughters that if I can do it, they can. I'm no more remarkable than anyone else. I want to show them that absolutely nothing is impossible especially as a woman who comes from a mans dominated culture.

Love Berivan 

Founder and CEO of Azalëa Prime Wear