Azalëa Prime Homewears Monthly Newsletter

Why organic and sustainable company?

by founder and CEO Berivan Özcan

My answer to this question is why not?

A shift of consciousness is happening in the world and I believe that being transparent is crucial to achieve a more sustainable future for everyone.

When producing hangtags, labels, packaging we always use recycled materials, both plastic and paper. I was also sure not to produce any garments made of polyester for our clothing as this is a fabric that is most harmful to the environment and not as friendly to the skin.

There is this Swedish saying "Ingen kan göra allt men alla kan göra något" which directly translates to ”Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something”. No company nor individual is perfect, but by being conscious and aware of your surroundings, you can take small steps towards what you believe in is the right path.

Enjoy our garments and wear them with a good conscious – just like we do!

Love Berivan

”Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something”.